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Stay informed. Safe habitable and affordable housing is a basic need.  The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS) Housing Department provides direct service programs and resources to individuals and families who seek knowledge, understanding and access to pertinent financial education that result in maintaining and obtaining generational wealth. ULMS Housing department takes pride in supporting Economic Growth and Empowerment in communities by providing and assisting low to moderate individuals and families in Financial Education and Training. This service incorporates Financial Education with the process of Homeownership so clients are financial mangers and navigators in all aspects of financial management. Additionally, the program curriculum is structured to assist clients in confronting and managing economic challenges while providing them with knowledge and resources to make better financial decisions.

Comprehensive Financial Education

The chief goal is to make home ownership attainable through education and financial assistance. The program not only explains the home-buying process in general terms but offers specific advice. In addition to home buying support, the League offered assistance to parents by offering child care services and not to mention food. The League provided financial assistance to people whose income were 125% below the poverty line by assisting them invest in Individual Development Accounts not only to buy a home but to pay for school or start a business. Help was not limited to homeowners, the Ready to Rent program instructed the homeless on how to be good tenants. The services in this program included:
  • Understanding Credit scores and it affect securing a mortgage
  • Predatory lending awareness
  • Understanding Mortgages
  • Home inspections: Identifying potential issues before they buy
  • Loan default assistance
  • Affordable housing
  • Small business assistance
  • Credit and budget counseling
  • Transitional youth housing
  • Attorney referral programs
  • Foreclosure Prevention and Intervention
  • Washington State Mediation
  • Financial Literacy Sessions
  • Credit and Budgeting
  • Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) - (Also known as Reverse Mortgages)
  • Expunging and Sealing of Criminal Records Education
  • Tenant Rental Rights and Responsibilities
  • Transitional Housing
  • Homeownership Education
  • Down payment Assistance
  • Mortgage Definitions and Terms

Credit & Budgeting

This workshop teaches participants how personal income and budgeting impacts personal credit. By using personal financial planning principles, participants learn how to get on track to financial fitness. Topics on credit explain consumer credit rights based on the Federal Trade Commission guidelines that will help them learn how to manage reported credit records. Participants receive a credit improvement pamphlet that outlines the necessary steps to remove negative and/or inaccurate information from the three credit bureaus. These workshops give participants the knowledge and resources to understand and establish bank accounts, understand the importance of credit, improve credit scores, and develop budgets from plans into action. A one time Credit Technical Assistance session is offered to participants who have completed Your Credit & Your Budget workshop. This service assists participants with writing the major credit bureaus to dispute and or remove inaccurate credit information from their reports.  This process is designed to enhance your credit score.

Financial Education Sessions

ULMS promotes financial education as the most critical link in economic empowerment and generational wealth building. Our financial education workshops incorporate economic development and financial education to better address the important components of financial management. We offer a wide array of workshops in which economic and financial education skills are integrated for individuals, families, and faith based organizations to obtain maximum understanding in money management. This is a series of 4 or 6 workshops each allowing the participants to identify their own financial goals, develop personal financial plans and achieve them while working one on one with a financial education counsellor. Clients receive certificates upon completion of the workshop series. Foreclosure Prevention & Intervention This workshop is a mandatory by some lenders.  The workshop is designed to educate borrowers who may be experiencing troubles with their mortgage payment or lender.  Borrowers are given the resources to find alternative ways to prevent a default situation.  Also, participants that are currently experiencing default issues are counseled in a one on one counseling session, where they learn how to work with lenders, understand the various “Making Home Affordable Options”.

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